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Health Care Intercultural Creativity Training

You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it, and responsible for changing it.

-Grace Lee Boggs


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The Neuroscience of Leadership: Intercultural Creativity® for Healthcare Professionals

The science is clear. Trust is the new driver of productivity. Getting your message across, lowering fears (both rational and irrational), and pulling out the best of your team members requires strong leadership. Using the unique NeuroSomatic Creativity framework will empower leaders to increase their sensory abilities for self awareness and leadership success. Scientists have identified the brain mechanisms that support our ability to connect and communicate with others and reveal how we can activate and strengthen them. Learn how to develop team chemistry and trust by building team identity through shared goals, values and an increase of oxytocin.


Your team will benefit by:


Understand the hidden influences that affect the auditory, visual and cognitive perceptions of professionals when engaging with other employees and patients.


Equip leaders with tools to increase oxytocin opportunities and mitigate automatic judgements.



Identify underlying strengths and abilities in diverse team members to build confidence and well being.


Increase self-awareness and empathy during evaluation sessions.


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