Creative Thinking

is now the most

Powerful force in business

At CAFFE Strategies, we believe the creative adult is the one whose childlike curiosity and imagination survived.

Since innovation is fueled by creative problem solving, CAFFE Strategies offers unique transformational programs that reignite those childlike creative thinking skills for you and your team members.


CAFFE Strategies

CAFFE stands for ‘Creative Advancement for Financial Empowerment’ and is the home of the signature 16 Diamond Tools for Creative Thinking. With these cutting edge tools, we redevelop your team members’ innate creative capacities back to their child-like genius levels.

Creative thinking is now the top skill requested by top executives and Fortune 500 companies. CAFFE knows the fundamentals of innate creativity and our researched based interactive programs will strengthen the number one skill needed in today’s workforce; creative thinking.

How Do I

Experience CAFFE?

Our professional (yet very exciting) trainers utilize the signature CAFFE Diamond Tools to sharpen and shine your creative thinking in a whole new way. Our interactive activities – involving play, the arts, reframing and imaginistic exercises – will position your team to discover hidden roadblocks that could be inhibiting their ideation flow. Opportunity follows ideas. Team building empowers creative collaboration. Let our diverse team equip your staff with proven strategies that support inclusion and the development of innovative ideas.

(Coming Soon!)

Can’t attend an in person or virtual live training? We’ll bring our top trainers to you via recorded sessions to experience creative thinking development at your own pace.

Our main 8 module training program ‘Unleashing Your Creativity Diamond Course‘ covers all the elements of creative development. Our CAFFE Classics are single three module courses covering topics from 1) Creativity, Inclusion and Cultural Competence, 2) Creative Courage, and 3) Leadership in the Creative Age. The 16 Diamond Tools of Creative Thinking are woven throughout all of our training for your individual or team exploration. These interactive fun classes will be available soon!

Creativity happens from the inside out and our team of keynote speakers will inspire, inform and reawaken the internal child-like curiosity and creativity of your team members, attendees and educators.

CAFFE Strategies founder and TEDx veteran Genein Letford shares her powerful creative journey of overcoming a speech impediment to find her voice and recapture her creative courage. She educates audiences around the world on the new definition of true creative thinking and empowers them to apply their own 16 Diamond Tools for Creative Thinking for innovative solutions in their organizations and schools.

Bradley Rapier invigorates us to move with the groove and Anne Jacoby combines her business background with artistic strategy to bring timeless value to any organization. Our keynote speakers are ready to transform your audiences back to their creative power!



Corporate and Non-Profit Creative Training

Learn how to assess, develop and build a creative culture to support your innovation goals. Our cutting edge virtual and in person trainings will increase creative behaviors that result in significant business results. We have a new DE&I Creative Training as well!

Educator Professional Development

In order to have a creative workforce, we need creative classrooms. CAFFE Strategies has award winning virtual and in person trainings that empowers the creative thinking of educators for increased creativity in the curriculum.

Faith Based Creative Training

Our interactive faith-based training for organizations and conferences addresses creative thinking through a faith-based lens. Revelation, courage and deeper connections are the result of this a transformational experience.