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If we fail to understand creative thinking, we cannot hope to have an educational system that will produce creative individuals.
– Robert Root-Bernstein


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Diamond Tools for Creative Thinking Training

In times like these, educators need to be creative with their lessons and their engagement strategies with students. Teaching fully online calls for engaging lessons and this training gives sounds strategies in this area.

This extensive training, built on the 16 Diamond Tools of Creative Thinking, establishes a solid foundation for building a creative classroom culture, even online. From addressing internal beliefs, to creative methods such as abstraction, metaphorical messaging and ending with building creative courage, this exciting training equips educators with the tools to think, adapt, and create fun lessons within their curriculum that support creative thinking.

Your educators will benefit by:


Having methods to create a creative growth mindset classroom for student success


Implementing the curriculum with engaging creative thinking strategies


Knowing how to connect the sensory, physical, conceptual and academic portions of the learning process.


Understanding the concept of curiosity, creativity and real life implementation of academic concepts.

Creativity in the Classroom Bootcamp

There are many ways to quickly increase creative thinking in our classrooms. In this short training session, teachers will learn obvious and nonobvious ways to enhance creative thinking strategies within their curriculum and teaching methods.

Your team will benefit by:


Understanding what creativity is and how it can thrive in the classroom


Learning fun engaging strategies to increase creative thinking in themselves and their students


Knowing how to establish a safe supporting classroom culture for creative development

Creative Arts Integration

To think creativity is only about the arts is wrong but to think one can reach their full creative potential without the arts is also incorrect. The creative arts (visual arts, dance, theatre and music) are integral parts of the human learning experience. Our training guides educators through effective methods for integrating the creative arts within an established curriculum for increased engagement and exploration of the content.

This training specializes in connecting the arts to metaphorical thinking, sensory observation, abstraction and more! Genein Letford has successfully lectured on arts integration at the university level and is pleased to bring her specialized program to educators across the nation. Let’s get our students moving, painting, playing, creating and learning thought the arts!

Your educators will benefit by:


Learn the basic elements of the creative arts and how to communicate through those elements


Integrating the creative arts in the curriculum for any grade and subject


Acquiring strategies to expand their creative thinking and the creative thinking of their students with the creative arts


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