The Neuroscience of Leadership

Building a Culture of Trust In Diverse Teams

Boston Medical Center
A Case Study

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The Challenge
Leadership is dynamic and trust is now the currency for collaborative productivity. Understanding how our brains work while leading and inspiring diverse teams is critical for a successfully productive team.

The Solution and Results

Over the course of three months, Boston Medical Center, an 8000 employee community hospital, partnered with the CAFFE Strategies training team to run our in person Neuroscience of Leadership: Building A Culture of Trust In Diverse Teams course. We trained over 600 leaders with this unique and interactive hands-on training course incorporating brain based techniques, backed by research, that supports one of the main areas for growing trust: building positive relationships.

92% of BMC participants would recommend this course

88% rated the course as “Excellent”

95% agreed that the course added to their understanding and embodiment of DE&I as a leader at BMCHS

97% said the trainers kept them engaged and interested throughout the 3-hour session

CAFFE Strategies captivated our entire team, from our heads to our hearts. We can’t thank them enough for what this is going to do for us as individuals, what it’s going to do for our productivity, and how that translates to the service to our patients and our members every single day.

-Lisa Kelly-Croswell, CHRO for Boston Medical Center Health System

Course Highlights

The idea of being creative, in general, in your leadership is important and this training brings home the idea that a creative approach is an effective approach.

– Charlie Murphy, President and CEO, Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center, Boston, MA

I was able to really learn a lot about my own assumptions and the various perceptions of others. I know this training will help me be a better leader.

– Sanju Nembang, Director of Quality, BHCHP Institute.

Course Content and Takeaways

Understanding self awareness and our brain’s ‘Internal Model’

Learning how our biologically designed judgment system works and how to adapt it to stay open to new experiences and information

Utilizing the Diversity Diamond to increase social connection among diverse team members

How to address the “I don’t have enough time to create a personal relationship with each of my 20 direct reports” concern and replace it with just minutes a week with rapport-building techniques

Increasing team synchrony strategies which improves team and creative collaboration

Practicing quick and fun micro-exercises that build team bonding and a feeling of empathic support in the middle of a hectic schedule

Implementing effective feedback and rewards procedures that increase trust

Learn research-backed techniques for providing correction while maintaining morale and also how to build trust in every moment, even when you have to deliver bad news.

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