Resources To Grow Your Intercultural Creativity®

The Future Classroom of Intercultural Creativity


Creative thinking is now the #1 skill needed in the workforce, making it high priority for the K-12 educational system. Our students are entering a new landscape that is no longer formulaic but is grounded in uncertainly, ambiguity and complexity. Now is the time to integrate creative thinking strategies into the curriculum that support our students’ whole brain thinking, their ability to connect across cultures and and build creative success.

Utilizing the 7 Gems of Intercultural Creativity®️ methodology in the classroom, increases divergent thinking, reframing, un-obvious associations, combinatory thinking, metaphorical processing, transformation ideation, and imagination development, to develop intercultural competence, self awareness, cultural-awareness and creative thinking.

This book challenges educators, parents and administers to continue to develop their creativity and cultural competence and integrate these strategies into the classroom curriculum so their students can thrive.

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