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Peak Performance: Mindset Tools for Business


Are you performing at your very best?
In the last few years, numerous studies have shown that Peak Performance isn’t just about working hard. It is not just about working smart. It is about applying strategies to our efforts that increase efficiency, productivity, and performance. The best part is that most commonly, this increase in performance comes with a more calm, stable attitude.

PEAK PERFORMANCE: Mindset Tools for Business was created to help you identify conscious and unconscious factors in your life that affect performance and to highlight strategies that can help take your performance in business to the next level.

This bookexplores the habits of peak performers, the actions peak performers take, and the strategies peak performers employ. It is a kit providing various tools you can use to perform at your best.

The number one goal in PEAK PERFORMANCE: Mindset Tools for Business is to provide examples from elite athletes, coaches, entrepreneurs, CEOs, MBAs, PhDs, and more on how to perform at peak levels. There are no limits to what levels of performance we can achieve, and this book will provide an array of perspectives to train your mind and body as you strive toward peak performance in business.

The 24 expert-authors of this book come from all over the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Qatar, India, and Australia. They are professionals who are mindset and peak performance coaches, sales experts, leadership and executive coaches, psychologists, neuro-linguistic programming masters, EFT tapping practitioners, hypnosis instructors, Intercultural Creativity® coaches, Naval officers, business owners, consultants, endurance athletes, extreme adventurers, military combat veterans, and even a prime minister’s bodyguard, a UFC fighter, and a bull rider. The one thing these individuals have in common is that they all have an idea about peak performance, and these ideas can be applied to any situation in business and in life.

The co-authors of this book include Tyler Altman, Jonathan Bates, Zack Blakeney, Julia Cha, Jessica M. Corvo, Dr. David Derus, PsyD, Eric J. Ford, David Gilbert, Suma K. Gopal, Matt Helke, Elna Jennings, Beata Leszczynska, Genein M. Letford, Randi Light, Lisa May, Wylie McGraw, Derek Schenck, Ben Schwarcz, Dr. Christine M. Silverstein, EdD, Clifford Starks, Luke Tyburski, Robbert van Ede, and Arjun Vijeth.

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