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Intercultural Creativity Certification

This is the time to become an Intercultural Creativity® certified trainer & coach.

Lead Organizations to Intercultural Creativity®

The 7 Gems Intercultural Creativity is a clear pathway that equips trainers, coaches integrates cultural competence, which is needed for inclusion, and creative thinking development, which is needed for value creation, while at the same time supporting the mental and emotional wellness and creative potential of every team member.

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When you are certified in Intercultural Creativity®, you will learn one-of-a-kind creative thinking methods to guide others in becoming culturally competent, internally aware, and externally able to connect, communicate and create with people from different lived experiences.

All certified trainers and consultants receive access to CAFFE technology, facilitator materials, and the certified trainer community.

Upcoming Certification


Apr 18, 2022

2pm – 3pm PST

Apr 18, 2022

2pm – 3pm PST

Apr 18, 2022

2pm – 3pm PST

Price: $999 Early Bird
Space is limited to 25

You will understand the neuroscience and psychology behind this unique methodology that strengthens cultural competence and creativity. This is the only place where you can be certified in Intercultural Creativity®, and we’re excited to train you in this program.

The Certification Value

Administrative Access to our Surveys

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The 7 Gems Signed Book

Right from the source, receive a signed copy of the 7 Gems of Intercultural Creativity and the children’s book, I AM CREATIVE

Annual Conference

Free invites and access to semiannual hybrid professional development for the entire certified trainer and coach community.

Facilitation Materials

All presentations and materials needed to run the Intercultural Creativity presentation workshops and seminars. Students will learn creative methodologies to teach DEI topics, creativity and self-awareness based on brain science.

Membership in the Certified Community

Join a global community of creative like-minded professionals engaged in creating cultures of Intercultural Creativity® and inclusion.

The Intercultural Creativity Course

Receive personal access to the Intercultural Creativity® training course.