Victoria Mappala

October 16, 2023

Victoria Mappala is a self taught artist in Southern California. She was surrounded by creativity from the beginning. Growing up doodling, painting, and dancing, with her father, and sister. Over the years art has now grown into a mission to illustrate what beauty can be created, and a passion to bring hope to people everywhere.

She is a mixed media artist, who loves acrylic, glitter, and gold. Her favorite part of each piece is adding the details, and shine. With the recent popularity of digital art and NFTs, she is excited to expand her creativity into the blockchain. Victorias pieces have been showcased, and auctioned off in school, offices, churches, homes, cafes, and online. She has won multiple scholarships for both art and dance.

Art and dance has always been her way of sharing what’s inside her heart, and she is excited to share that with others. Her dream is to have her own studio, where people can come and experience creative freedom.