Dr. Joe Pazmany

January 5, 2023

Supporting individuals in their efforts to achieve their potential and developing exceptional organizations are what drive Joe in his pursuits. Joe Pazmany is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Innovade Inc, a company focused on websites, branding, and digital marketing. Within this role he manages an exceptional team who have developed websites, built brands, designed graphics, and implemented comprehensive marketing strategies who helped numerous businesses in its 6 years of operation. He has worked with Leadership Inspirations, a leadership facilitation company, for over 14 years as a facilitation coach for students and professionals alike. Joe completed his Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Organizational Leadership in 2018 with his research exploring how uncertainty impacts mergers and acquisitions and their associated integrations.

He is also a professor at Chapman University within the Leadership Studies and Master of Leadership Development programs. Additionally, Joe is currently developing comprehensive individual coaching and team training as well as online courses on emotional intelligence, creativity, and resilience for others.