Bradley Rapier

April 7, 2021

Twenty five years ago Bradley pioneered a movement in Los Angeles that ignited the community, launched countless artists and positively impacted the landscape for hip hop and freestyle dance in culture and media. He went on to perform and choreograph at the highest levels of the industry, from collaborations with the likes of the directors of Hamilton and Jesus Christ Superstar, to orchestrating the story of his crew in their own Off Broadway show and leading them onto So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With the Stars, Superstars of Dance, The Wayne Brady Show, and Ellen.

Bradley grew up an energetic high achiever, but high grades did not bring direction, athletic success did not secure identity, and family dysfunction blasted holes in his stability. Self doubt, disconnectedness, and fear of uncertainty grew. His path changed dramatically when he discovered street dance culture and the transformative qualities of FREEstyle. Now, using his dynamic life experiences and powerful analogies from the art form, Bradley activates and guides audiences into the circle of Groove Theory, breaking them free of insecurity and restrictive mindsets to Groove beyond the obstacles of Life.

Current approaches to learning, business and life itself are broken. Present structures no longer relate to or connect with a world of continuous change. People of all backgrounds feel unsure, isolated, and stuck inside of old models.

Now is the time for an expansive yet connective approach that applies to ALL areas from our communities to commerce. An ability to break through and succeed amidst the unpredictable. Whether you’re a dancer or dentist, entrepreneur or artist, the answer lies within Groove Theory and the freeing foundational core found in a GROOVE mindset.