5 Tips on How to Foster Psychological Safety on Your Teams

Published February 23, 2022

Intercultural Creativity is all about understanding how cultural competence intersects with creative thinking. Creative thinking is highly affected by the level of psychological safety within the environment. My podcast with the author of the 4 Stages of Psychological Safety, Dr. Tim Clark, shares more on why this is so.

Developed by Professor Amy Edmondson, it is a principle which shows a team that they can speak up when things are not going well, and foster a culture of collaboration and progress on challenging tasks.

While the principles themselves are simple, many leaders find it challenging to know exactly how they can create a psychologically safe environment.

Fortunately, the group at Google re:Work who popularized Psychological Safety after analyzing what separated high performance teams from the rest have this simple list of activities you as a leader or manager can begin doing today:

1. Demonstrate engagement

2. Show understanding

3. Be inclusive in interpersonal settings

4. Be inclusive in decision-making

5. Show confidence and conviction without appearing inflexible

Many special thanks to Prof Edmondson for sharing this list on Linkedin.


Intercultural Creativity® is a results driven training program that increases cultural competence that will increase psychological safety as well. It helps us all shine bright and be at our creative best.