Taking The Time To Think

September 23, 2020

Yes, our podcast Create and Grow Rich was inspired by Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’. Not only was it a catchy title but we firmly believe in the statement. Your ability to think, create and conjure up ideas affects your professional outlook and your ability to discover solutions. And we don’t just mean ‘rich’ as in finances but also rich in purpose, relationships, opportunity and in life.


But there is one current problem.


We’ re too busy to think.


Studies out of USC show we are now in a culture that is obsessed with being busy all the time. Phone notifications, never ending emails, Zoom meetings that have no focus, endless errands that produce no real value..


We need a moment to stop and breathe.


We are now dealing with more distractions that take away the little precious time that we have to think of the ideas and the solutions we need to get through out of this situation.


We need time to mentally recover and get our minds clear so we can imagine our way out of this.


Thinking time is key.


Ask yourself.


Do I intentionally make time to sit and think? True think time means without the cell phone, the laptop or other types of distractions that could interrupt my brain’s ability to let the thoughts flow.


We’re challenging our readers to grab their planners and mark out ‘Think Time’ for next week. We will do it too.


Let’s start this last quarter of 2020 allowing our minds the time to conjure up the brilliant ideas we will need for 2021.


Let’s think of something better.