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Why Dismantling Unconscious Bias Increases Your Culture of Creativity – Sejal Thakkar – Episode #60

March 8, 2021

Unchecked biases can not only harm any attempts for a creative culture but can adversely affect your employees' well-being and ability to create and innovate.

Sejal is here to help us be aware of these hidden beliefs and build a culture of civility where all employees are valued and respected.

Dubbing herself "Chief Civility Officer", Sejal is not your average employment law attorney! Her more than fifteen years of experience advising clients, human resources personnel, and legal counsel regarding sound, standard employment practices uncovered a need – and personal passion – for bringing more proactive, relevant, and impactful workplace training programs to her clients and their teams.

Her highly experiential customized workshops tailored to executives, managers, and individual contributors bring the courtroom to the training room in an interactive, engaging environment that favors human stories over compliance checklists.

Enjoy the show!

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