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Marketing Your Message: How to Make An Idea Scale – Orly Zeewy – Episode #69

June 20, 2021

Orly knows that creativity, marketing and entrepreneurship go hand in hand and it’s all affected by culture and clarity!

Orly Zeewy grew up on three continents and was educated in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is bilingual in French and English. Orly has a graphic design degree from one of the top design programs in the country. She founded an award-winning design and marketing firm and directed marketing programs for national clients such as Kraft Foods and Prince Tennis.

Her book: Ready, Launch, Brand: The Lean Marketing Guide for Startups was just published by Routledge. In July, she will lead a panel at Venture Café in Philadelphia with three of the founders who are featured in her book.

She is a wealth of gems! Enjoy the show!


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