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How Neuroscience Is Informing Leadership, DE&I and Intercultural Creativity for this New Era – Dr. Michael Platt, Wharton School of Business – Episode #66

May 4, 2021

Being an effective leader requires more than just academic skill. Leaders must be imaginative, innovative AND know how to connect with their team members from various backgrounds.

Dr. Platt helps us ‘go under the hood’ to learn how our brains can be better utilized to help us be more creative and lead well. His book, ‘The Leader’s Brain: Enhance Your Leadership, Build Stronger Teams, Make Better Decisions, And Inspire Greater Innovation with Neuroscience’ highlights the tips, tools and strategies to connect with your team members, make sound decisions and of course, think more creativity.

We talk about leadership, creativity, bias, neurodiversity and, of course, your brain! Enjoy the show!

The Leader’s Brain

Dr. Platt’s LinkedIn

Perspective Shifting Article



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