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Episode #118 Why Being a Pineapple is the Leadership Skill of Tomorrow – Annie Meehan

March 13, 2024

For Women's History Month, we are asking the question, 'Why should you be like a pineapple?' Annie Meehan, an international speaker, eight time author and inspirational coach talks with Genein about the skills needed to thrive in an ever changing world. Thinking metaphorically is a creative skill so Annie brings in her metaphor of being a pineapple to encourage leaders, and our listeners, on how to bring their top game to the workforce. She gives insightful tips for becoming a national speaker as well. Join us for her gems of wisdom and be inspired to pineapple your way to the top.


Annie Meehan, Professional Speaker CSP, Certified Coach and Award Winning Author. An author of eight personal development books, her work includes the award-winning ‘Be The Exception’ book. One of her books, The Pineapple Principle, offers hospitality and a sweet journey to an exceptional customer experience. Today, her passion is to share her "H3 Cultures" concept with companies to help them create a Hopeful, Healthy, and Happy workplace that retains an engaged workforce! Meehan has three adult children and lives in the Orlando, FL, area, with her husband Greg. She enjoys being an active member of her community by volunteering, going on adventures with her family, and taking Leo, her beloved pup, for strolls.

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