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Episode #113 How NeuroSomatic Creativity is powered By Understanding our Brain, Mind and Body Connection – Melanie Weller

January 24, 2024

NeuroSomatic Creativity is an important component of leadership. So we invited a thought leader in Neuro-Somatic Intelligence to highlight how the body is connected with the mind and brain. She lectures and teaches on Neurotheology – How our belief systems live in our nervous systems. She unites the contemporary science of her 30 years as a healthcare provider specializing in the vagus nerve with the ancient science of how we embody the planets, stars, and the enduring stories associated with them.


Melanie Weller is a neurotheologist with a lot of helping healthcare professionals and organizations identify and transform how their belief systems live in their nervous systems. She is a licensed Physical Therapist, a Certified Athletic Trainer, and is a Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist.


Melanie is the host of the Fearless Presence podcast and the co-creator of Neuro-Somatic Intelligence where she trains coaches and healthcare professionals. A new collaboration, Neuro Readiness Experts, is bringing a leading-edge suicide prevention program to the military. Melanie hosts Neurotheology retreats where she bridges modern and ancient science for radical transformation.  Her book, Fearless Presence, will be out in 2024.


She lives on the parade route in New Orleans with her husband and occasionally her two adult children.


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