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Episode #109 Generation Z Speaks Out About the Future of Work and Generational Shifts – Katherine Menendez, Kenia Ventura & Lizbeth Paz

November 29, 2023

Since people are living and working longer there is a multiple generational overlap in our workforce. The way members of various generations learn, interact, respond to challenges and create changes.


In this podcast episode, Genein Letford invites her former elementary students, who are now in their early 20’s, to talk about the changes in the workforce, their workforce focus and the discussion on generational leadership.


They also discuss how their formative years helped shape their adult mindset on leadership, networking and taking risks.


Kenia Ventura is a second year at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo pursuing Business Administration, and concentrating in accounting. In being part of the Latinx Business Student Association, and serving as the Director of External Affairs, she is also a Summer 2023 EY Launch Intern.  Currently, she is the Assistant Executive Director/Social Media Manager at Alumni360, a mentorship program that supports middle and high school students. Her goal is to intern where she’ll be surrounded by an environment where underrepresented and vulnerable groups are treated equitably and ethically, and there’s value in encouraging advocacy.


Katherine Menendez is a Specialist at the UC Davis Center for Regional Change (CRC). She has worked as a Mentor for Alumni360. She is currently working on projects stemmed in social security net, transportation equities, youth participatory action research (YPAR) and other sectors. Her emphasis is prioritizing working with and for the community.


Lizbeth Paz is a student at California State University, Northridge, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Analytics with a minor in Business Management. Mathematics and numbers in business-related contexts are her passion, and she enjoys spreading her knowledge with others as a Mathematics Instructional Student Assistant. Furthermore, as an Outreach Assistant at Alumni360, a mentorship program dedicated to developing the financial, professional, and creative skills of students in all grade levels, Lizbeth’s goal is to engage with students through various communication channels to guide them through available resources to aid with professional growth.







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