Cassandra Tsolis

April 7, 2021

Creativity is all about combining various elements to produce new ideas and Cassandra Tsolis is a ‘creative combinator’. With her dance journey beginning in her living room, she learned how to think through movement. Adding to her tool box of the traditional dances, spanning from Greek culture to modern to hip hop, she continued growing with Upstage Dance in San Jose and continued pursuing dance in college. She was a part of the Sonoma State Dance Team and the Blue Baronz Crew, where she also received a Teaching Certificate in Hip Hop.

Cassandra started pursuing dance professionally when she came to Los Angeles, where she finished a Dance Discipleship Program and then became a part of the Word in Motion Dance Company. Currently, she is training in the street style Krump and is a part of the RUR Dance Alliance. Krump sparked an interest in creating safe spaces of self-discovery for others. Her hope is to see individuals move from a place of wholeness, by releasing past pain and shifting personal self-talk.

Her vision is to incorporate elements of therapy with movement to help professionals move from a place of freedom from within. As she continues to train, she has also taught at Conekt-LA Art Center, ZULU, and is a teaching Artist with Conga Kids, a social-emotional program instructing elementary school students the importance of respect, confidence and teamwork.