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The 16 Diamond Tools of Creative Thinking – Genein’s Keynote Speech – FinMango Global Conference – Episode #33

June 12, 2020

On May 29th, FinMango, a financial and entrepreneurship training organization, hosted a global conference with over 50 speakers from three continents. I was honored to be the opening keynote speaker.

After I shared my story of paying off $100,000 worth of debt on a teacher's salary, I spoke on how our creative thinking skills affect our financial well-being.

I also demystify the concept of creative thinking and lay out some of the implementable Diamond Thinking Tools that highly creative thinkers use to produce some of the most profound ideas.

Money follows ideas. Opportunity follows ideas. Improve your ability to produce and execute powerful ideas.

Enjoy the speech and don't forget, 'Your creative health affects your financial wealth!'

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