Podcast Episode

How to Price Your Creativity and Ideas at True Value – Pricing Expert Jacquette Timmons – Episode #42

August 31, 2020

How do you price your creative genius?

Ask Ms. Jacquette Timmons!

In this episode you will learn:

  • How your unseen behavior choices are affecting your money!
  • How to communicate with your spouse/partner about your money expectations.
  • How to view your creative genius ability to produce ideas
  • How to price your creative genius for this market! 


This is a podcast episode you don’t want to miss!

She's the top facilitator on pricing your expertise, dealing with imposter syndrome and using your creative thinking to create the life you want in your finances, relationships and your profession!

She focuses on the human side of money. She works as a financial behaviorist and is committed to getting you to see that you don't manage money – you manage your choices around money. 

When she's not providing behavioral-based financial coaching, she's traveling the country for speaking engagements on behalf of Fortune 100 companies, AM Law 200 firms, nationally known non-profits and conferences (large & boutique) to talk about the intersection of emotions and money.

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