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How To Close the Racial Wealth Gap – Prosperity, Creativity and Purpose – Eugene Mitchell – Episode #32

June 7, 2020

Financial Illiteracy isn’t a Black problem, it’s an American problem; but the negative effects are compounded in Black and Brown communities.

Political power is closely tied to financial empowerment. Many people in communities of color do not have adequate financial education. Wealth equals opportunity.

From his unique executive-level position at a Fortune 100 Company for almost two decades, Eugene Mitchell observed how other races, religions and ethnic groups use financial tools and strategies in ways that were vastly different to those being employed in African-American communities. Noticing a difference in implementation and access, Eugene created, and ultimately completed, the $50 Billion Community Empowerment Plan.

This nationally recognized Plan for creating Black wealth in America served as the pinnacle of Eugene’s corporate career and helped to further the transformation of Black communities across the country. The initiative amassed $50 billion of income protection and future income for over 340,000 Black families, using life insurance as the foundational asset.

In this book, Eugene Mitchell shares his financial insights and “7 Untold Rules” that everyone can apply, to create financial prosperity and an intergenerational legacy. Join Eugene in this movement toward your own financial empowerment, and a collective community transformation.

Book and Website: Closing The Racial Wealth Gap

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