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Episode #97 – How Intercultural Creativity is Impacting our Climate for the Better With Susan Israel

February 6, 2023

Episode 97: How Intercultural Creativity is Impacting our Climate for the Better With Susan Israel

Susan Israel, the founder and president of Climate Creatives, an architect, artist, social entrepreneur, and change agent, joins us in a very fascinating episode wherein we talk about what she does and how she started. What kept people from taking action? Fear and a lack of conviction that their actions are important. Susan thinks that because we’re so focused on the present and the future, we’re either unaware of what needs to be done or don’t feel any sense of urgency. She states that if she could help people make the right decisions, she could have a greater impact on the climate.

In this episode, we’ll discuss some fascinating subjects like using visuals to express new behaviors, using behavioral research to train leaders, and using art as a platform and tool to draw attention back to nature.

Topics Covered in this episode of The Create and Grow Podcast:

0[0:24] – Who is Susan Israel?
[03:11] – The Art Of Climate Creatives
[05:53] – What Are The Client Feedback For This Unique Process?
[07:53] – Expressing New Behaviors Through Visuals
[10:44] – How The Art Process Is Done At All School Levels
[12:36] – Leadership Workshops As Behavioral Study  
[15:10] – How Universality Affected Susan
[16:48] – Small Steps For Climate Change
[22:24] – Earth Preservation For Future Generations


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