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Episode #95 – How to Find the Creative Gold within Your Wellness Journey with Alicia Leytem

August 15, 2022

Episode 95 – How to Find the Creative Gold within Your Wellness Journey with Alicia Leytem

Alicia Leytem joins us for a conversation on wellness and creativity!

Alicia is a certified Wellness Coach, Wellbeing Consultant and a Mindfulness Expert combining her passions for healthy living, mindfulness, and authentic leadership to guide professionals in creating lasting changes for their physical, mental, and spiritual growth. She founded Alicia Leytem Wellness in 2015 and she recently published her book The S.I.X Gold Keys to Well-being: A Guide to Unlocking a Healthy and Happy Life. To support personal and organizational growth, Alisha designs and facilitates unique wellness offerings all over the nation. In this episode, Alicia shares her key tools for unlocking self-discovery and mindfulness, and offers a productive space for personal meditation, reflection, and gratitude.

Topics Covered on this episode of The Create and Grow Podcast:

[03:48] –  Beginning of Alicia’s Journey 
[05:51] – Tips about Inner Journey
[09:25] – Meditation, Breathe Work and Practice of Gratitude 
[11:32] – Space Meditation: Meditate on a Future Version of Yourself
[18:30] – The Six Keys
[23:51] – The Key of Movement
[28:47] – The Key of Nature 
[31:05] – Last Child of the Woods
[34:31] – The Key of Mindfulness
[39:00] – The Key of Intention
[42:40] – Connect with Alicia Leytem


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Connect with Alicia Leytem 

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