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Episode #94 – How A STEM Career is Made Better with STEAM with Joseph Jefferson

August 1, 2022

Episode 94: How A STEM Career is Made Better with STEAM with Joseph Jefferson

How do the arts help leaders navigate through a VUCA world? NASA's award-winning flight engineer, Joseph Jefferson discusses how his arts background trained him to be adaptable, observant, and emotionally aware throughout his STEM journey.

He and other JPL-NASA and CalTech employees and students just finished an 'off-off Broadway' play debut, 'From the Earth to the Moon'. The process and final production provide further evidence that people exposed to the arts will have a greater edge in innovative thinking in non-arts fields (business, science, marketing, and entrepreneurship). Keep the 'A' in STEM to make STEAM and blast off into the future! Listen as Joseph shares his playful experience, vulnerable insight, and out-of-this-world wisdom for people to prepare for this future of work!


VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous

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Topics Covered on this episode of The Create and Grow Podcast:

[00:54] – Introduction to How A STEM Career is Made Better with STEAM
[03:29] – A Flight System Engineer and his Two Spacecraft
[07:01] – The  Partnership Between Caltech and JPL NASA
[11:54] – Spacecraft Development is an Art Form
[14:51] – Time is Malleable per Einstein
[16:59] – Emotional Intelligence: A Big Word in the Worlds of Business, Science and Education
[19:17] – Emotional Granularity
[21:08] – Workforce in the Professional Development Curriculum
[24:28] – A Little Imposter Syndrome Goes a Long Way
[27:21] – Creating Momentum and Allow to See All the Different Possibilities
[32:30] – Joseph’s Message at This Moment
[37:44] – Hustle and Float
[39:03] – Why advocate for that A inside of STEM?
[41:13] – Robert Root Bernstein and Michelle Bernstein’s Sparks of a Genius


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