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Episode #88 – Why Artists Are a Key To Healing Healthcare with Justus Harris

May 23, 2022

Did you know that it is possible to transform your health data into artistic expression? Justus is here to tell you how having something tangible about your body’s information helps in healing healthcare.

In today’s episode of The Create and Grow Podcast, we speak with Justus Harris.

Justus Harris is the epitome of what it means to combine disciplines to make a greater impact in the world. They are an artist, educator, and health advocate.  After their Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis, Justus founded MedSculp, which from 2016-2020 used the expertise of doctors, entrepreneurs, and technologists to create data visualization experiences for patients to better understand their complex medical history.  Justus Harris has taken this initiative into patient-experience consulting work with clients in clinical trials such as Medidata, where he is a Patient Insights Board member.  In corporate consulting Justus is a facilitator specializing in the patient perspective in design-thinking, empathy, and using creativity in multi-disciplinary teams.  

Their international art practice has taken them to the Kennedy Center as a Citizen Artists Fellow and Berlin as a European Commission Recipient. As an educator, Justus focuses on public speaking and facilitation, including features at TEDx and Stanford Medicine X.  Justus supports individuals 1×1 through coaching with professionals in career transition who are prioritizing their creative practices to transform their lives and the world.

Topics Covered on this episode of The Create and Grow Podcast:

[06:20] A Creative Skill called Transformation
[09:30] Dr. Daniel Siegel: Interpersonal Neuro-Biology
[11:25] Art Transforming Health
[14:30] Third Gem of Intercultural Creativity: Observation
[15:40] Draw to Increase Observational Skills
[17:12] Redefining Creativity
[18:48] Transforming Diabetes 1 Data into Artistic Expression
[22:30] Highlighting the sculpture with Dr. Katz’ Keeping Your Brain Alive
[24:29] Build Your Creative Space to Innovate Any Workplace
[25:05]Justus’ Sculptures on Exhibits
[26:48] Art is Solving the Problem
[28:16] Tips from Justus for People to Dive in Their Artistic Creativity


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